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When you realize that you need an SSH client to make your data transfer secure, the question is raised which SSH client to use. Here you will find a comparison of Private Shell with one of the popular SSH clients PuTTY.

Feature PuTTY 0.57 Private Shell 2.0
SSH protocols supported SSH1, SSH2 SSH1, SSH2
AES, Blowfish, 3DES ciphers support Yes Yes
Twofish, CAST-128, Arcfour ciphers support No Yes
Supported key types RSA, DSA RSA, DSA
Authentication with security tokens
[Security tokens are hardware devices providing a higher level of security since most operations with data are done in the hardware]
No Yes
Connection parameters saving Yes, sessions Yes, profiles
Ability to save server password for the connection No Yes, encrypted
Telnet protocol support Yes Yes
Configuration Wizard
[helps to quickly configure the program for the most common tasks such as terminal connection, secure e-mail tunneling, secure MySQL and CVS connection, etc.]
No Yes
Store configuration in a file instead of the registry No Yes
Connection logging Yes Yes
Different character sets support
[used for connection to localized servers]
Yes Yes
X11 connection forwarding and authentication
[used to forward remote X11 connections to the local display]
Yes Yes
Port forwarding
[provides secure connections to third-party applications]
Yes Yes
Command line support Yes Yes
Data compression
[compresses all data going through the SSH channel to reduce traffic]
Yes Yes
Remote printing
[allows the server to which you are connected to print on your local printer]
Yes Yes
Different cursor and numpad keys modes Yes Yes
Custom keyboard mapping No Yes
Ability to send Alt-F4 to a remote computer Yes Yes
SSH and TCP keepalives
[keeps connection alive by sending empty SSH or TCP packets]
Yes Yes
GUI SFTP client No Yes
Qualitative support service No Yes *1
Secure distribution No Yes *2
Custom solutions No Yes *3
*1 If you encounter a problem using Private Shell, you can ask our support team and get an answer in one working day.
*2 Since PuTTY is an open-source program, it is possible to find a distribution that was not built by the official PuTTY authors but by somebody else. On the other hand Private Shell distribution is built by Imposant only and can be downloaded from this page.
*3 If you think that Private Shell is good for you but you need an additional service (and/or features), you can contact Private Shell support team and ask for a custom solution.

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